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Coca-Cola is on the BLM bandwagon. It could be they always were since they are one of the CNN's major sponsors. It is sad that so many forces are allied against our country. Below is an email conversation with them. Start at the bottom.

Well then I will stop buying any of your products. BLM is not the organization you think you are supporting. This organization is founded on marxist prnicipals. I don't suppose you know that George Soros has back door funded them with 33 million dollars since 2015. You are either ignorant and unwilling to understand what you are supporting or you are in bed with them. Either way you are in the wrong. I'll be sure to forward your response to others that understand this threat to the american family and our constitution.


Dear Tom

Thank you for contacting Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola stands for optimism, diversity, and inclusion. Companies like ours must speak up as allies to the Black Lives Matter movement. We are outraged, sad, frustrated, angry, and we stand with those seeking justice and equality.

Additionally, as a nation and as individuals, we can and must do better. Our goal is for all lives to be treated fairly. The continuing cycle of systemic racism is forever altering the lives of Black people, families, and communities everywhere. We hope you will join us in working toward a better future. To learn more about our approach and the actions we are taking, please visit: Where We Stand on Social Justice - News & Articles.

Should you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

Consumer Interaction Center
The Coca-Cola Company

To: [email protected]: Sprite - Advertising

Comments: I saw your commercial supporting black live matters. I do know one of the co-founders is a self avowed marxist.
I will never buy a sprite drink again. bye

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