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I’ve done several new crowns with Home crown kit and it has saved me and friends many hours of trouble shooting to regain or improve accuracy on those few rifles refusing to group. With a new barrel installed, or second hand rifle a new crown is a good investment. Since most of my barrels are threaded I prefer the 11degree or zero degree crown…when rifle not in use I religiously put on the thread and crown protector back on. And in use it either has a suppressor or brake installed so the crown by default is fairly well protected. Agree, the recessed crown has distinct advantages yet, not so easy on my pocketbook if new crown requires barrel threading as well. For this reason the deep cut recessed crown was eliminated. I average 1 to 2 new crowns per barrel life with no threading required. If my grouping is significantly diminished then a thorough crown inspection is in good order. Often, if a super clean barrel still didn’t group well as expected I put on a new crown often which often worked a treat. Cleaning, (and cleaning properly) is often the biggest crown wearing culprit resulting in loss of high performing accuracy. So after a couple 2-3 years of fastidious shooting and cleaning and then after a few recrowns, typically I’m ready for a new barrel. Nothing like a new sharp 11degree match crown without retreading is pretty low cost and well worth it. I wince a bit more though if needing threading as well.
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