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Construction begins soon on SC1A2

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Just wanted to let everyone know that construction will begin on a customers SC1 rifle with an A2 stock. I said that I wanted to get a couple of months worth of trial and error done before I would commit to using the A2-A5 stocks. Well, its been a couple of months, and a customer was willing to pay the extra for the A2 stock (with spacer system) and willing/able to wait the extra time it'll take to get the stock.

Anyway, I am in the process of making a dedicated SC1 page and it should be up soon explaining the details of the rifles.

FYI all stocks are mcmillan:

SC1 - Winchester Marksman Stock
SC1A1 - A1 (HTG) stock
SC1A2 - A2
SC1A3 - A3 stock

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Are there any graphic artists in the group? I do mechanical design so that leaves me out. I can draw the rifle to the specs I just can't draw a logo to save my life.
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