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Crazy question:

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I've just registered here. Im only a casual varment shooter (22-250 for coyes) but plan to purchase a .308 in the future as a hobby-past time. However, I was reading a post hear and was catching winds that use of hollowpoints were against the rules of war!!!!???? What in the world! Someone please explain this. FMJ richochet more, Maime (sp?) more why would hollow point be wrong? Besides, I thought rules of war (especially after the fact the people on both sides are pulling triggers) was something talked about in history class when the kid raises his hands and says: "you mean they just line up and take turns shooting at each other?"

I have now tactical or military background, and this has REALLY caught my attention. Im hoping either I've misunderstood or there's a simple explanation.
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"The enemy are coming at us with nothing but unarmed medics!"
"Damn. We can't shoot or hit them, that's against the Hague convention. Looks like we have to retreat"

War is really as civilized as the other side makes it. If you torture their troops, they'll torture yours.
You ALWAYS go after the leader. Case and point; Blitzkrieg in WW2. A leader is ALOT more than just the controller of the nation. If the leader is down and out, that represents a loss of the current administration or government. At least if you are actually taking the country. Just shooting the man in the head will lead to others taking their places.

Horrid plan. Not only will the intel be a PAIN to pick up (Military leaders don't need to tell anyone where they are going, as such, they never need to follow any particular schedule, outside of the fact that no one below needs to know when and if the leader is coming), but, NO ONE is going to sign up for a mission within 1 kilometer of an Iraqi military base (Hey, where else is the leader going to be) in the middle of Iraq with no support. That's just suicide.
1 - 2 of 74 Posts
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