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CZ rifles.. What are your thoughts?!?

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Ok I have 2 cz rifles in my extensive gun collection. One is a heavy barrel 223 and the other is a 458 lott. They both have amazing set triggers and the non set is good too. The accuracy is great also, I do not have the numbers with me for the 223, I think it is.25 to .50 . The 458 just makes one big whole so there is a problem getting numbers for that. What do you think of the cz's
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lets see if I can get this right.

I was pretty sure I knew what you guys were talking about when you mentioned "creep" but since this thread has taken that turn I might as well be sure.

Its not the initial takeup or slack in the beginning, but its the "mushy" extra space near the end where you can't feel anything. Extra space may be a bad way to put it.

Here's what I am sure of, my old 10/22 is completely stock and takes the cake when it comes to crappy/crummy/creepy/sucky/horrible/bad triggers. Followed very closely by my 870 which wouldn't suprise me if its set for 8 pounds!
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