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CZ rifles.. What are your thoughts?!?

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Ok I have 2 cz rifles in my extensive gun collection. One is a heavy barrel 223 and the other is a 458 lott. They both have amazing set triggers and the non set is good too. The accuracy is great also, I do not have the numbers with me for the 223, I think it is.25 to .50 . The 458 just makes one big whole so there is a problem getting numbers for that. What do you think of the cz's
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ive got a CZ 452 american and have used a CZ 527(i think) in 22-250.

The triggers on both flat suck. I hate CZ triggers. CZ has always made **** trigger and they probably always will.

On a lighter note, their probably the most accurate (factory) rifles in existance. i love em.

just wish theyd fix the damn triggers.
well, the good thing about them is that they are easily tuned. I have the trigger on my 452 down to around 2.5lbs with just a small amount of creep.
This was done using a brookies trigger kit. Im sure if i hit it with some rubbing compound the creep would be gone.
yes they do, but even when you adjust them they still have creep out the ass. If you dont know what creep is then i really cant explain it to you. Its got to be felt to really understand.
yeah, im glad you got lucky... everyone of the target shooters i know. We all hate our CZ
i thought u were millitary AK? you should know what creep is.

As i said, creep is hard to explain and easier to feel. Best as i can explain it, its a big freakin dead spot in the trigger... its not take up, its not overtravel, its just... right in the middle there... and its dead.
lol i accept nothing but perfection!!! :twisted:
its a bit of mush right before the trigger breaks....a trigger should break like a glass rod. just all of a sudden, a pop. no takeup or overtravel.

but this is just me guys. I have a really picky trigger finger. Everyone likes something different in their trigger.
if you want to get technical... creep is sear pre-engagement. The amount the trigger sear slides across the hammer before it breaks.
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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