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CZ rifles.. What are your thoughts?!?

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Ok I have 2 cz rifles in my extensive gun collection. One is a heavy barrel 223 and the other is a 458 lott. They both have amazing set triggers and the non set is good too. The accuracy is great also, I do not have the numbers with me for the 223, I think it is.25 to .50 . The 458 just makes one big whole so there is a problem getting numbers for that. What do you think of the cz's
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Bought myself a CZ452 Silhouette as an early christmas present and can say that I'm very impressed with it, do'nt think the rabbits are though!
Mine is supplied with an adjustable trigger and backed off the screw and it has a nice 1.8 lbs trigger pull. I know that in the US you have a lot of legal trouble with trigger pulls, do your CZ's not have the adjustable triggers?
Thanks spade, know what you mean about creep but my trigger does break cleanly. Must be luckly and have got a decent one!
Hi AK, checked mine with a digital force meter (push-me-pull-me) gauge from work, nice clean pull with a break of 1.8 lbs
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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