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CZ rifles.. What are your thoughts?!?

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Ok I have 2 cz rifles in my extensive gun collection. One is a heavy barrel 223 and the other is a 458 lott. They both have amazing set triggers and the non set is good too. The accuracy is great also, I do not have the numbers with me for the 223, I think it is.25 to .50 . The 458 just makes one big whole so there is a problem getting numbers for that. What do you think of the cz's
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you can make any trigger good, if you put the time and research in. Like I said before everyone has a preference
if you want to get technical... creep is sear pre-engagement. The amount the trigger sear slides across the hammer before it breaks.
In technical terms, yes I know, I have had to fix a ton of ar15 triggers for customers at work
i thought u were millitary AK? you should know what creep is.
No, I am not military.

Yes, I know what creep is. I did not know if we are talking about the same thing. Terminology can change between countries. Usually does. In this case, no, it hasn't.
I have used 2 handguns (CZ 97 B and CZ 75 KADET) and 1 CZ rifle (CZ 700 M1 Sniper) and I just have to say that the quality of these products was exceptional!Reffering to the rifle it had great accuracy and the adjustable stock was great too.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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