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iam a student who is a junior in high school and is going in to the corps and was wondering how is scout sniper school all my friends say i should but not sure, my dad to. i definatley have the shot down but not sure what else it takes, iwanted force recon but scout sniper sounds promising
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you have time to think about this if your in junior high

marines hold tryouts to for open slots in thier sniper platoons
its one of the harest if not the hardest schools in the marine corps
Jeff_850 said:
you have time to think about this if your in junior high
He said he was a junior in high school, but I wouldn't have even guessed Junior High after wading my way through that literate mess.

Please people, don't pretend that he had only a 'few' errors; if a person doesn't know the proper utility of 'to' vs. 'too', what shot does he/she have on the ASVAB?
The last time my buddy was home on leave, he told me "Everyones joining but no one joins. I stepped in the recruiters office but eveyone at home is still joining. Don't see them in basic"...I know what he means.

When I finished high school I was "joining" and decided not to, because I didn't think I wanted that much commitment to the life. We all gotta make up our minds about these things ourselves and not in internet forums.

As you already want to get in the corps though, is there anything you want to do more than sniping? you can't just ask to be a sniper as Jeff said...but take every chance to better yourself that you can.

My two friends weren't "joining"...they joined and that was that...they were both ready for it I guess...

Scatch, my junior high English teacher woulda skinned me alive...
Muzzleblast said:
Scatch, my junior high English teacher woulda skinned me alive...
And what's ironic is that they make you learn French, as well.

I can't stand those trashy idiots who claim, "Immigrants need to learn English!" because for the most part, they speak it about half as well as those who learn it as a second language.

Scatch Maroo
I can dig what you say, Scatch. Never had problems here communicating with anyone no matter how bad their english or how bad my french. Especially when surrounded by a language you don't understand, you learn fast.

Huh...we killed a post with the "off-topic ray of doom" again :D
was Scatch your English teacher???
could just imagine him being the Spelling Gestopo :)

you need atleast a GT score of 110 to be a sniper in the Army not sure about the marines
USMC SS or 8541s need to master Marksmanship, Fieldcraft and tactics. It goes with out saying that you need to be in excellent shape, for example need to run 3 miles in under 18 minutes....can you do this and then take a perfect cold bore shot?

Another thing to consider is the fact that you are still young, and have time. You should learn and concentrate on your fitness and your studies as knowing how to think once enlisted will help you very much with your mathematics and survival.

Do well in School and study hard. Think about this, examples: math will help you with your ranging calculations, triangulating coordinates, geography will teach you to read different kind of necessary maps, learn about contries and cultures, science is all over so no doubt there. Even english will help.....well after you post... :roll: on it. You can do it if you really want it but take note that it is not easy, always fun and will test you on many levels even after training. Especially in action.

Look up what happens to the SS that don't make it back. Not to discourage you but so you can see that the job is what it is. Think about it.

Oh yeah don't decide here. I agree with them, you need to research and decide on your own.
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fitness, maksmanship are important
also your gonna need ot want this
truthfully MOST fail and even more cant even get that far to begin with
the people who fail were not panzies they were tough as nails too just to make it that far, they just failed to become a USMC scout sniper
Scatch might seem funny in the role of spelling gestapo for now, but when people start disappearing in the night I'll start to worry.

Reading these threads made me realize they don't tell us a damned thing about what it takes to become a sniper in our military. The most important thing to me seems to be the mentality...People can be taught to be fit and shoot well, but the unique thing about snipers is no one else shares their mindsets or emotional/mental qualities.
There are lots of other threads on joining any military Branch's dedicated Sniper unit. The requirements and difficulty are discussed at length in those threads.

My recent discussions with MArine Recuiters says that the Corps DOES NOT take anyone unless they GRADUATE from High School. So far Gunther looks like he is waging an uphill battle to meet that particular criteria.

thanks you guys but yeah i have reserched on the ss and thought it was pretty cool. i learned a whole bunch and some great snipers and stuff like hathcock, casey and wiloughby, but yeah i still have decisions to make but iam kind of leaning now
One thing snipers must be able to do is communicate clearly and concisely to one another through any medium: Written*, spoken, radio communications, hand signals, et ceterae. (That's the plural of Et Cetera, if you're wondering. Abbreviated ETC, not ECT. There is no ECT.)

Pull up a sandbag kiddies, Uncle AK is gonna tell us all a story about a MilSim Airsoft event a while back:
*: When myself and a friend (A friend and I) were holed up in an OP overlooking a major crossroads in the field, the OPFOR came to within five metres of our position. So we shrunk down into the Dead Ground where we had our Bashas and gear stowed away, laid out our magazines, took the selector off safe, and then listened real close.

Then the radio battery decided to let us all know it was low by emitting an immensely loud "BEEP-BOOP." Now, my friend has a sense of humor. He wrote, moments after this happened:
"OH ****!"

Then we stood up out of the ditch, and charged them. We kicked their asses too. Joy to MilSim Airsofting. Two versus Ten and we kicked their ass because they had no idea we were so close. They even had their rifles slung across their backs.

Scatch might seem funny in the role of spelling gestapo for now, but when people start disappearing in the night I'll start to worry.
Just as I read that, someone knocked at my door. Help me restart my heart now.
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