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TPS is proud to announce we will have the detachable box magazine's coming out in June for Savage Accu-Trigger and Remington.
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:shock: Do fill us in, what kind of money should i look at dropping on a DM for my Remington? Im sure there are some savage guys that might want a nice DM to go with their rifles. The more info the better :D
Yes, some more information (and pictures) would be nice. Will there be 10 rounds mags?

What magazines will they accept? Factory Rem or AI mags?

Have to ask, I don't want to start anything but I have to ask Phil.

What will this TPS metal have or do over BO?
SpEcTeR said:
What magazines will they accept? Factory Rem or AI mags?
Pray for rem 10 round AI mags are way pricy.

I think they cost like $80.00 per 10 round mag.
Hey how goes it Flea!

I don't know if you heard but BO has a DM bottom metal for AI mags. Supoosed to be really good too. For your AI rig thats great news, well the mags are pretty pricey and not available everywhere.

But this will change soon...
You happen to have a link to the BO AI mags? I might pick a couple up, but I didn't see them on their website. I guess I could just call them, but I figured I'd pester you first.

Tac Pro Shooting Center. Bill and Alice are great to deal with.

I don't have to tell you but the magazines themselves are bombproof and work very well. Their price is one the best if not the best I have found thus far.

Tell them Specter sent you from SH. Good folks. :wink:

The BO DM bottom metal is due out soon. I've spoken with Marty and he has thousands of pre-orders already! :shock: and he hasn't officially started production yet. All the Military agencies want it.

I want one too :D
Any word on how its suppose to be better than the HS Precision stuff?

To be honest Mel I didn't get to go to SHOT so I was unable to play around or examine what the new bottom metal consited of but I have seen many photos and some priviledged photos directly from BO and I have to say I'm excited. The figures I threw out were modest but very real. I can't wait to be able to play around with one and test it. :D

Can't say how much better it would be over HS stuff yet. Soon very very soon.... 8)
The DM's will be for AI mags only. We will offer Aluminium and Steel. We will not offer 10rnd at first, but might do at a later time.
Oh Forgot one question,

Price is yet to be determined.
Despite the fact that I like TPS products Phil.

I have to disagree, you are in direct competition with BO for the same customers and market share. Which is natural, you sell very similar products with a similar if not identical purpose.

Nothing wrong with that. :wink:
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