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I just started shooting at ranges beyond 100 yards, so now I'm in the world of using hold overs and dope sheets. My gun has been zeroed in at 100 yards and zero-stop adjusted. My scope has 20 MOA increments per turn in 1/4 moa adjustments. So my question is when I calculate my ballistic data from a zero of 100 yards to a distance of 600 yards, my drop at 600 yards is 15.26 MOA, so am I correct that I just use the closest MOA scope adjustment on my elevation turret? So in this example, do I dial my turrets to 15.25 MOA? Or do I go to the next highest MOA adjustment which will be 15.50?

Another question: If my scope has a total of 100 MOA of elevation adjustment, where is the factory default setting? Is it directly in the middle at 50 MOA?


1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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