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does anyone have any website or info on getting an fac

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does anyone have any website or info on getting an fac

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Hey Bob, do you mean a Canadian FAC?

ow no sorry i mean for the uk
No Prob...good luck!
bob, what type of gun are you thinking of buying?

you'll need to call in at a police station for a form.

well right now i thinking of getting an fac air rifle probabaly an raipd theoben in 40ft-lbs in the future though i want to buy a rifle
in england you need a FAC if the muzzle energy of the airgun is higher than 12ftlbs. Unless you're going to be using the rifle for hunting or somewhere other than your garden, buy a .177 12ftlb gun.

also, a theoben rapid is going to cost you at least £700 to get running for the gun, silencer, scope and pump. i'm guessing it's in .25 caliber because a .22 air rifle at that energy would need specialised ammo and that's expensive, but .25 ammo is expensive too. don't waste your money, My .22LR smallbore rifle was £400. if you want a hunting weapon, at least consider a .22LR or .22 magnum. A quality smallbore rifle will perform for decades flawlessly if looked after. I've never liked air cylinder air rifles because the seals will start to leak after some use.

if you're interested in learning about shooting, i strongly recommend joining a smallbore rifle club if there's one close to you, use one of their club guns until you feel you ought to own your own. smallbore target rifle is a *very* precise sport and you'll be taught all the basics of marksmanship there, and there's a lot to learn about.

so long as you don't have a nasty criminal record and can give good reason for owning a rifle, it shouldn't be a problem.
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its gonna be used for hunting rabbits mainly and maybe foxing but i dont know if i could kill a fox the just a bit to cute lol.ill be shooting pigeons but i can use my bsa spitfire for them as i dont want over penatration for high shots on the pigeons unless they land on the ground of course .
i just want somthing with more range then 30 yard for rabbits like 70-100 yards would be good as with my 11.5 fllbs shot its best to get to 25 yards and this can be an nightmare sometimes.
i already have a pcp pump, would it be easier to get an 25. theoben or a 22lr FAC obviously i'd rapger have a 22lr how fare do 22lr shoot effectivly.

when i go to my fac would should i say i ned an 22lr or fac air rifle for i can tthink of a good reason/reasons

Just like to add iam 19 i think u can buy shotguns and fac air rifle at 18 in england but i dont know about 22lr do u have to be 21 im not sure im 20 in september
i'm not much of an expert on air rifles, but past 70 yards is unrealistic for even a 40ftlb air rifle to be used for hunting. In the interests of being humane, i wouldn't shoot rabits at a longer range that i could manage a one inch group. There's no way any air rifle could manage 1 inch groups at 100 yards and if there's any wind this will be hard at any range because the pellets weigh a lot less and flies slower than even a .22LR round.

i'm 20 this september too, but use a .22LR anschutz target rifle and a 9mm beretta 92FS under a FAC in my dad's name. pistols are illegal in england since the dunblane incident, but using a rifle in a field for hunting and target shooting is sound enough reason for owning a .22LR rifle. It'll be a sporting rifle you'd look into buying, so 100 yards will pretty much be your limit for a sub inch group assuming you're a world class shooter.

first time i shot a fox few years back was with a hollow .22 magnum from 40ish metres and a felt a bit sick when i saw it's head. don't shoot them unless they're killing chickens. also your comment about shooting pigeons; *never* shoot at them in flight, especially if you get a .22LR. if you were caught doing that you would certainly lose your rifle and you could kill someone. Rifles aren't designed for that sort of shooting.

if you can't give a good reason for having one, don't buy one. look into smallbore gunclubs, and if you have permission to use the rifle on a field and it's safe to do so (well away from roads and paths), state that also. as a side note, make sure your background is clear and you know where the bullet is going to end up. i can't stress that enough.
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sorry forgot to add this

the age restrictions are quite complicated and differ in NI to england. there are a lot of daft restrictions, for example it's illegal for you to use a self loading .22 rifle with a magazine capacity greater than 2 rounds to kill any wild bird. The reasoning behind that is beyond me.

take a look around here, if you can't find out what you need email them. ... apply1.htm

i ddint mean i'd shoot pigeons in flight i mean i'd use an 12 ft lbs air rifle in they were in a tree.

17ft/lbs to 40ft/lbs

All of the Rapid Range of rifles are available an FAC version. All can achieve a humane killing distance of 60 yards, although it is possible to kill at a distance of 70 and 80 yards if you have the skill and markmanship.

i think you can also get 50 ft lbs

i was reading about a ruger 10/11 i think it was and they only have 1" grounps at 50 yard and "3 inch groups at 100 yard wich is worse then a theoben fac air rifle
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so to get an fac i need to fill out a form get some land to shoot on wich i already have say that im going to be using it for hutning and target shoting andf thats it.

hwo long do you have to wait for it 2 clear usualy
the ruger 10/22 (haven't heard of a 10/11) is a semi-automatic .22 rifle. Semi's are much less accurate than bolt action rifles especially cheap semi's.

ignore any comparison you read about in air rifle magazines, the air gun community in england is mostly made up of people who've never even seen a rifle before. air rifles are pea shooters compared to even .22LR. a high quality .22LR would only be half the price of one of those daft theobens also.

get a heavy barrel bolt action .22LR if you can. trust me, you won't be able to shoot a one inch group with a theoben at 60 yards outside, much less 80. You might be able to kill vermin up to 200m with an air rifle, but that doesn't mean it has that as an effective range. they just aren't designed to be shot at those ranges.

if you found those group sizes direct from theoben, they'll have been done with zero wind inside and the gun mounted in a vice, with a machine operating the trigger mechanism, perfect general conditions and using pellets which aren't available to the public. My .22LR can put bullets through the same hole at 50m, i have the test card anschutz sent me as proof, but there's no way anyone could replicate that outside shooting prone.

and seriously man, be really careful shooting up into trees.

it's up to the police how long it takes, get in contact with them. you're much much more likely to be granted a FAC if you join a smallbore club.
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how powerful are 22lrs

how powerful are 22lrs.

how far could you shoot a rabbit.

price doesnt really matter.

could you tel me some really accurate 22's that i could buy

.22LR muzzle energies vary from sub 100ftlb to 200ftlb, but they aren't designed for power.

.22 magnum (WMR) rounds vary around 350ftlb.

fullbore rifles will spit bullets out at energies measured in thousands of ftlb, but you won't be allowed one of those.

for hunting rabits, power isn't directly the issue, just the accurate range. for a .22LR, 100 yards would be a fair limit (which is far enough), because if you wanted to adjust the sights to zero for a range further than that, it's going to take a lot of clicks.

so long as the rifle has a heavy barrel and is a bolt-action, it'll be accurate enough. you could opt for a sporting .22 which isn't as accurate but lighter. if you're going to be shooting prone, preferably with a bipod, buy a target rifle (you won't be able to shoot standing with a target rifle). ask a gunsmith or look some up yourself. this will give you the option of shooting competitively at a smallbore rifle club.

think il go for a 22 bolt action

were about do they sell them.

do you know of any decent ones

I am new to this forum and have only skimmed this thread, however I thought I should point out that in most places in the UK to gain a fac you will have to be a member of a gun club and have known the owner of a gun club on a personal bases for 3 years, with him writting a referance to prove it.

Oh, and I really wouldn't advise getting a .22LR if you plan to shoot over 50m's.

looks like im not getting a gun then! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

just had a quick look at this website i donty think u do have to belong to a club to own a 22lr
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