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Double Tap Results

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I've got a bit of ways to come, mainly with patience, but I'm gettin' better. Hey--at least he's dead.

These are my results witih my G30, which is the Compact .45 ACP Glock with a 3.8 inch barrel. I still have the 7.5 lb trigger, unfortunately, but hope to get the 3.5 lb soon. All of these are double taps, except a few in the target at eight yards in which you can see I practiced Mozambique a few times. I used Wolf!

"Friends don't let friends shoot Wolf."

At 8 yards (couple Mozambiques, but not too many as it's probably considered intent in this state):

At 12 yards:

Scatch Maroo
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Mozambique being: "Two in the chest and one in the head always leaves the target dead?"

Leastaways that's what I thought it was.
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