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DPMS Panther

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I am planning on ordering a DPMS Panther Long Range (.308) with a 24" barrel this week. I have read good things about it in American Rifleman and some other mag at the bookstore.

If anyone has anything negative to say about it, please do so asap. Yes, I realize it is not a bolt action, but anything else?


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Well, it is a good rifle, what else do you want to know? I've had a DPMS jam once, but that was due to bad brass. Accuracy is excellent. Just make sure you get a decent set of optics/rings, mels log book and you will be squared away.
cant think of anything negative to say about it
besides it not having a forward assist however my friend who owns it says he never needed a forward assist and i didnt have a need for it when i was shooting it
dont own one but ive fired one
$1200 for a semi-auto .308 w/ a 20 rd mag (friend cant find 'reasonably' priced SR-25 mags) so he has used 10 round mags, shooting 1/2 - 3/4 moa.. friend says 2 moa with surplus i dont know if thats right or not because he isnt able to hold sub-moa with the same loads i was shooting 1/2 - 3/4" groups with
I'm planning on getting one also. I have read negative reviews of the DPMS plastic mags but I hear the rifle can shoot as well sometimes better than the AR10T. If you get the Knight mags there should be no problem.
well ive shot both AR-10T and a DPMS Long Range Panther .308 and the particular AR-10T i shot did out shoot it but i was trying out 2 seperate rifles with 2 differnt loads so that does NOT say anything also i was shooting them on a differnt day dont remember if it was at the same range or not heh
both were accurate rifles no i dont remember the loads i tried just remember that the loads were differnt...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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