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DR308's set up

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Krieger Barrel 1 in 8 twist--28.5" long-- stainless--Double cryoed--.300 RUM cal.--Badger Ord. 20 min. angled scope mount--Double ejectors installed--Sako extractor installed--Tubbs recoil lug--Complete action accurizing done by me--H&S alum block bedded stock, stock work done by me--H&S steel trigger guard with removable box mag--Leupold MK4 rings--Leupold MK4-M1, 16 power scope. This rifle shoots a Sierra 240 grain match bullet at 2955 FPS. Here is the picture of the last target I shot when every thing was said and done. The top 6 rounds were to get the zero at 200 yards. The next 15 rounds went through the same hole. You will have to excuse the 2 flyers, I was getting a little tired. This group was shot at 75 degrees temp. I have also shot a group almost as good at 25 degrees temp. The powder I am using is not effected to much by the temp conditions. I will let you all know how it does at one mile by the end of this summer. By the way, the Harris bi-pod is on there ONLY to take the pic's of the rifle. I use it in prone matches with a sling.
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If you want to read the spec's on this rifle, it is in the SOP section.

Thanks to The Flea man for getting these on here! Thanks Flea!
Dr308 nice setup, I am thnking of building up a 300WM on a Rem action.

How's the recoil in that beast? Looks pretty heavy, but is a .300 RUM...
The recoil is not to bad on my beast. I have sat down on a bench and fired 65 rounds in one sitting while I was working up a load for her. Just a little tender the next day. If a rifle is put together right, the recoil will not be that bad. Of course, you have to find the right load for it also. By that I mean the right powder. Some of the magnum powders WILL kick very badly.
fired a 700 Sendero SF in .300 Rem Ultra Mag, was 8 1/2 lbs? + a scope and bi-pod.. probably arond 10 lbs
very nice rifle but it kicked a LOT
put 50 rounds through it honestly wanted to stop after 1, more so at 20 but it was my first time firing a gun and i didnt want to seem like a big wuss so i kept on going for a full shooting session
now i can handle it better as im more sused to recoil but ill be staying away from stuff that big unless i want to take mile long shots heh
:shock: Jeff:

It sounds like you are well on your way to developing the dreaded "MAGNUM-FLINCH!!!" If you don't know what that is, have somebody slip a dummy round into the rifle next time you are out shooting a .300 RUM. If you did not see him do it, you will find out what you have trained yourself to do every time you squeeze the trigger on that ball buster. Suprise, "MAGNUM - FLINCH".
about the 300 ultra:
that was the first time i fired a gun and i can take that now (that was 4 years ago)
i have fired heavier stuff like .338 WM/RUM and even Lapua a few times, im not in danger of flinching
Sounds good to me. With your having fired heavy cal rifles, I won't have to warn you about the dreaded "SCOPE EYE" either :wink:
get me a lightweight 25mm cannon and you might ;)
Just as an aside, I too have fired heavy stuff like souped up .30-06s and various .300 mags, and the worst scope cut I ever got was from a Burris on my cousin's 7mm-08 :oops: ! I was even firing it off of the bench, not prone or any way cramped! But it was a Rem model 7, and just a tad too short in the buttstock for me to shoot well, and three inches of eye relief was insufficient. Is that what you meant by "scope eye"?

:lol: Jeff S:

You are a veteran of the "scope eye". Yes, that is what it is.
Yep wasn't the funnest thing I've ever done :oops:
DR308 time for a sit-rep. Have you made the mile club attempt yet? Some of us non-magnum shooters are interested in the magnum world - just never made the jump as yet.

(Badshot did let me pull the trigger on his 300 RUM a few times this weekend - while he worked up the load for his mini-cannon - takes loud to a brand new level, even with two layers of ear protection)

I'm not sure if I would have been so willing to jump on it without that muzzle break though.....

You sure about that wanting to be in the magnum crowd? My shoulder was sore when I finally left Saturday. But I came home and finished working up the rest of the loads I didnt have enough brass for.

I just have one question for everyone. My muzzle brake will unscrew by hand. I know I should call Briley and I will be on the phone with them first hing tomorrow morning. If it is ok that it will unscrew Jeff you are more than welcome to try it without the brake. I am planning to go out today and finish shooting my test loads. Just kinda not getting a warm fuzzy about that muzzle brake unscrewing though.

For now I will be checking the brake to make sure its on all the way between each shot.
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