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Drag Bags

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So, I was at the local gun shop, and saw this - ... id=1248&d= for $174. Thought of picking it up, but decided to ask around first. Saw the drag bag review Mel did, seems to be about the same. Any opinions?
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Odd. Didn't realize I posted as a guest. Oh well... hehe.
Blackhawk Drag Bag, pt2

Was at the same shop today, still snooping for ammo. Talked to some folks in there, ended up buying the setup. $232 all told (was wrong on my previous price - must have confused it with one of the backpacks in the same section or something).

It does not have the muzzle pocket like the drag bag Mel reviewed, but seems quite nice. The securing straps inside the main compartment are of the quick-release type with plastic buckles, but the tie-downs themselves are wider than the buckles, so no direct buckle-to-rifle contact. Bag has a hang loop up top for, I am told, helo-based insertions so that a bag may be hung, has the backpack-style (quick-release buckles) straps inside a compartment that seems is designed, when closed, not to snag. There are the main carry handles, and there is an additional carry handle on the side of the bag. (Damn, I *need* to get a digital camera. Hehe.) I'll write up more as time goes on, hopefully, with pictures to follow.

And a big DUUUUUH (does anyone have a Dunce cap? Ah... much appreciated. Oooo, and it fits SOOO WELL...) goes to me. Didn't pay attention that this is under the Classifieds. Will ask Mel to move this to somewhere more appropriate.
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