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Eagle Eyes

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Hey guys, I'm 17, living in Miami Florida.

Do you need to pass a eye exam or have a certain score on the exam to be eligable for sniper school. I don't wear glasses or contacts since my vision is great up close but I seem to need it for far away objects. I don't own glasses and still need to go get my eyes checked by a Oculist. Are snipers allowed to wear glasses and such for training and missions. 'm guessing that the ones wtih the rubber band not the arms would be best since you wouldn't have to worry about them falling off while going through brush and fern and such. I was also told that if you wear glasses fora short period of time they can correct your eyes znd you won't have to wear them again, If thats not true is the laser(sp?) surgery a good option?
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Be careful when deciding about a laser procedure. A friend of mine recently got the treatment and now has damaged low light vision.
She experiences flaring, light halos and tracers on almost all light sources at night.
Doctors have confirmed this effect is permanent.
The procedure was handled by a very reputable doctor.
The eyes are a very complicated organ and there is simply no way to really tell how a person's eyes will react to the treatment.

Is it worth the chance of your eyes getting worse to make them better?
I'm not a gambling man.

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