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EXCELLENT prices on Leupold Mk4 LR at Midway USA

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Just got the December Flyer, Mk4 M1 LR Mil-Dot scopes on serious sale:

6.5-20 x 50 $669.99 (regular $899.99)
8.5-25 x 50 $699.99 (regular $999.99)

Hmmm, I'd NEED to buy another rifle to take advantage of prices like this...... :)

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They sold out of both types about a day or two ago. At that price its a great deal and they did not last long.

Even thought they had something like 200 something of the 6.5s and 100 something of the 8.5s. Great deal on some decent glass!

As for the changes, yes they did change: the 2003 M1 LR are Multi-coat 4 and the 2004 MK4 M1 are Index matched coated. The old 6.5s are designated by an "L" at end of serial and the Index ones have an "M". Leupold claims an increase of about 5%. Now wether all of us can actually notice this increase in light transmission is up to the individual user.

Question for all: How do I find what magnification setting the Mils hold on these variable power mil dot scopes? Leupy techs always claim that its at the highest mag but I have heard different. More like 10x-12x.

If it is that the Leupy techs are correct will I be able to see the 1 mil or 3.6 inch mark at 100yrds with a 19.5 magnification in place?

Actually I need to find a true 100yrds becuase my range's 100yrd line is a bit over by like 5-8 yards therefore that will not give me "exact" readings. Hhmm....where to do this...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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