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Federal Match Ammo

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Anyone know where i can get cheap .308 Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo? Also what grain bullet would you suggest?
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I will assume he is meaning .308 (most common). If thats the case, it depends on purpose.

If shooting palma, no option, has to be 155gr

If routinely shooting beyond 600 meters, then I would recommend the 175gr, its better past 600 as it doesn't suffer the transonic problems that the 168 does. (keep in mind, if you have a 1:12 twist barrel, you might be border line in being able to stablize the 175's).

If you don't plan to go beyond 600 very often, then the 168's are easier to find, and proven. Also may be the only option if you have a 1:12 twist.


I would try the 175 and see if it stabilizes okay. Like I said its borderline... but its worth trying in your rifle/conditions at the longer ranges.

The 168gr's taper on the boattail is a bit too sharp, so when it drops down to the transonic layer (going from super sonic to sub sonic) the Air breaks away from the boattail and it behaves like a flat base. This can cause instability during this transition and can effect the accuracy at long ranges. Plus, its not good for ballistics either. The 175 has a boattail at a smaller angle and the extra weight helps it stay super sonic longer, which all equates to better accuracy at long range. To be honest, I have not used the 155gr to know how they perform... perhaps I need to try them.

take a look at to see their computer ballistics.

Many ballistics calculators come from bullet manufacturers (sierra makes a very nice one) but of course costs money. Here is a free one that I found that gets very good results and is worth looking at.

ballistic coeffecient of bullets tells a lot about how a bullet will perform long range and in the wind.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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