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Federal Match Ammo

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Anyone know where i can get cheap .308 Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo? Also what grain bullet would you suggest?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts and sells federal gold medal match in various calibers and bullet weights
federal gold medal match is a good choice of bullet
what caliber though?
well all of them are Sierra Match Kings Boat Tail Hollow Points
if its .223 rem your options are 69 and 77 grain if you have a 1:9 you MIGHT be able to handle 69 gr, if you have a 1:8 or 1:7 you might be able to handle both 69 gr and 77 gr
if its .308 win your options are 155, 168, and 175 grain
.30-06 Spgfld has 1 load that i know of, 168 grain
.300 Win Mag has 1 load that i know of, 190 grain
as far as what weight: well that depends on the caliber
every rifle is differnt so you should see which your rifle will like the best so buy a small qunaitity of each of them and test them to see which works the best
for a Rem 700P that has a 1:12 twist 26" barrel what do you recocmend if i ever want to hit longer ranges 600-1000y?
the 175 gr is boarderline stabilizeation in the 1:12, how much accuracy loss at that range would i loose form 168 grain instead of the 175 grain?
how would the 155 grain palma load compare to either of the two performance wise? has some for $18/20 rd pack
$399 for 500 rounds though
same price for 168, 175 and 180 gr GM Match
guess 180 gr is discontinued?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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