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Hi Mel,
Congratulations on your FFL!
I am sure there are more people out there, like me, that have considered an FFL and/or their own firearms business.
Perhaps you could give us an outline of the stages you go through in obtaining the FFL, all the steps, requirements, typical durations, etc.

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Well, I can do that right here.

This is all for a class 1 FFL (normal firearms, no class 3 stuff).

You first get all the docs from BATF. You can request them online from their web page, this is what I did.

Once all the paperwork shows up, you will have to fill out the application explaining who the FFL is for (Name or Company) what it will be used for, where the firearms will be stored, etc etc etc.

You then need to get finger printed at your local sheriffs office (or other official capacity) and also get a 2"x2" passport photo. For me, I went ahead and started a company (LLC) to limit the liability that my personal assets would be exposed to.

Now you send in your application with your check. ($190 I believe).

And wait... and wait... and wait while they do the background check (or just get to it). It gets sent to BATF hq in GA.

Once they determine you are okay, they send your info to a local treasury agent (or BATF) who will do the personal breifing. They like to come out and check out your facility and meet you in person (gives them a better feeling about you). They then give you some useful information so you don't get into trouble! Once they get that done, your info gets sent back to GA and you wait about 6 weeks for the FFL to show up.

Things to consider : They are now paying attention to how much you use your FFL. They are trying to prevent the use of them for personal collections. They said I should be fine because I'm using it for gunsmithing and firearms reviews.

and there you have it.

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