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2007 Comp article:

G&A / Combat Arms article (Competition name was formerly Lapua Sniper)
Magazine cover:


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Ostrobothnia Sniper Association arranges FinnSniper 2009 sniper competition, at Lohtaja Finland at 4th to 5th of July. The competition is meant for sniper teams of two persons.

Entry for competition
Entry request for competition is done by e-mail to [email protected] before 31th of May 2009.
The competitors will be informed of acceptance to competition before 5nd of June 2009.
The fee of competing is 85€ (approximately 120$) and it will be paid to OSA account:
IBAN-code: FI71 1379 3000 1091 52, BIC-code: NDEAFIHH.
The payment is considered as confirmation.

If the payment is not received in the given time, the place will be given to the next team waiting in reserve.

Entry request e-mail should include:
- Both team member names
- Phone numbers
- Addresses (we need this info for f.e. sending competition DVD)
- Name of association or organization that competitor possibly represents

Separate request from both competitor in team is not necessary as long as e-mail has required information considering both members.

The competitors are by themselves responsible to get an insurance that covers injuries and damages caused by shooting sports. All competitors will have to sign disclaimer before entering competition. In disclaimer competitor confirms that he/she has valid insurance that covers all personal accidents that may happen during shooting competition in Finland.
Organizer insurance does not cover foreign citizens- Finnish insurance company's do not offer such policy's.

Equipment needed in the competition
The competitors are personally responsible of their weapons, ammunition and other supplies in their possession and of the legality of possessing them.

Any rifle may be used in the competition provided that the bullet caliber is no larger than .416" (10,6mm).

The rifle may be equipped with a bipod. Sandbag, monopod or other similar additional portable support may be used to support the rifle. The shooter may also use a backpack to support the rifle. Both of the pair members must have a rifle in the competition.

The rifles may be equipped with optical sights or iron sights. Laser range finders or other active range finding systems are prohibited. Laser or other active range finder, even de-activated, is not allowed to bring in competition area.
If lasers are used in competition, organizer will offer device which will be same to all.

The competitors are responsible of using ammunition that is safe and suitable for the purpose. Tracer, armor piercing, multiple purpose, explosive and other such bullets that may cause forest fires or harm the target devices are forbidden. The competitor will likely need 70 to 90 cartridges in the competition. The exact number of cartridges cannot be given, since some of the shooting stages give the competitor a chance to shoot a second time if he misses at the first shot.

The competitors are personally responsible of using proper shooting safety glasses and ear protection.

In the competition the competitors must use 2D or 3D camouflage suit. (ghillie suit or equivalent).
If the competitor uses a 2D camouflage (normal camo suit), he will be given less points than from using a 3D camo suit. Also, 3D camo in weapons will give less points than painting or similar coloring. Extra points will also be given if competitor uses face -and hand colors or other that covers bare skin. Evaluation will be made during competition. Points will be given based on team member who has worse camouflaging.

Competition will include one orienteering mission.
Other equipment that is not mentioned above is not necessarily needed in the competition.
However, the competitors may have other equipment, such as a compass, GPS, binoculars or a spotting scope etc. Organizer will give area maps to all competitors.
Other firearms than the previously mentioned are not needed in the competition.

Other equipments are not necessary but may be used.

The accommodation is arranged in barracks. The competitors have possibility to come to the accommodation on Friday, 3.7.2009 between 20.00 - 22:00 a clock.
Participating teams will receive driving instructions to comp area by email.

The accommodation between the 3th to 4th of July, and 4th to 5th of July is included to the competition fee. The accommodation includes room, board and meals. On Saturday three meals are available, but some of the competitors will be competing during lunch or dinner. On Sunday two meals and a coffee break is provided. The competitors are responsible for traveling to the competition site and of the other expenses related to traveling.

In the competition shots are taken up to about 1000m.
The estimation of range, wind speed and direction is part of the competition.

The both members of the team will on their own turn shoot to the same targets. The tasks are changed during the competition so both act as a shooter and as a spotter on their own turn.

The types and sizes of the targets are given before competition. The targets may include No-Shoot targets. A hit to these No -Shoot targets will give negative points, so therefore they will sub duce total amount of points. The competition has 5 to 8 shooting stages. At these stages the competitors will shoot to stationary or moving targets.

The number of shots per stage can be limited.
There is no possibility to sight your rifles during the competition.

The competition may include spotting tasks.

We try to keep the reckoning by points as simple as possible. Points are given from shooting, tactical maneuvering and camouflaging. The point reckoning principles are given at the competition site.

Other issues
The loading and a handling the weapons is restricted to the given sites. However between the stages the competitors will carry their own weapons. You may not lock and load until you get permission to do it from the shooting stage officer.

It is strictly forbidden to poses or use alcohol or drugs during the competition.

The timetable for the competition is given at the competition site.

Welcome to competition!

Jarno Lankila
Chairman, Osthrobothnia Sniper Association

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FinnSniper 2009 Finland entry open

I would like to use the s_stop entry, which is available on TMCM 102 standart adapter. It may stop motor using ramp. I try to use it but it dont work. Is it a soft or hard problem?
thanks for helping me
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