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Firearm "kits"

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I was wondering if anyone here had expirence in buying / fitting / using these "kits." More specifically, pistol kits.

The kits come with everything to complete the handgun minus the frame, which I could either get machined, or buy it from a seperate source. I was adding up the price, and it saves about $50-120 in the total price.

Now I am wondering if the price savings VS. a warranty is worth it. Has anyone here gotten blue prints and machined an entire weapon before? How much do you think that would cost in the long run.
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Depends on what your asking.....are talking about buying the reciever and getting a kits set for say a 1911 or are you talking about a way to get around the FFL part.

I know alot of the AK-47's on the street are kit weapons .....example the buy all the parts...minus the reciever.

The receiver you can buy as long as its uncut and does have all the cut marks so a decent machinist can finish the job. Then you just put it together....Keep in mind this will make you a felon.
Nothing wrong with that! *cough*

*looks around*
Supertroll said:
Nothing wrong with that! *cough*

*looks around*
Not for me.....keeps me door kicking :wink: Just make sure to say Hi
Not trying to get around the FFL for illegal weapons. Besides, I wouldn't waste my time on a AK-47 even if you paid me for it.

It just seems like you can build, from parts, a better weapon than you can buy whole, for decently cheaper.

Custom guns are a great thing. But building them can sometime be expensive....sure base parts are cheaper but when you are putting it together your gonna be tempted to add some match and expensive parts.
You don't lie.

I just finished pricing my new 1911, and, uh, it is almost as much as I paid for my rifle (minus optics of course)!

I think I'll stick to my current one for now.


Yup....its just like a dell laptop sure the have them for $500.00 but after all the features you want its in the thousands. Damn sales schemes.
Don't get me started on Dell. I just purchased one for my grandmother.

We got the base 4600 Dimension for her, and as I was going through thier online configuration system, I was amazed at the prices they were offering.

Amazed as in, how bad they rip off consumers. The hard-drive upgrade wasn't too bad, but the RAM is horrible! to UPGRADE from 256mb to 512 was +$80.00, I can give me 512mb MORE for the same price (for a total of 768).

*tries to pull hair out, but realizes he has none with a 7 finger white-wall*

That why I buy sony ain't cheap but neither are the parts that come with one....Plus all the hardware is installed right out of the 4 hour set up time.
Getting the post back on topic.... :wink:

There is a little known law in the USA called the 80% law. Believe it or not, it is perfectly legal to build a gun for your OWN use as long as no more then 80% of the receiver is manufacturered. There are several companies out there that sell 80% AR15 receivers,sig frames, 1911 frames, etc. As long as you complete that frame and use it for yourself only (you cannot resell it) then it is legal. It does save some money, but perhaps even more imporant is that lots of times these frames are BETTER then the mass produced ones. All the milling marks and holes to be drilled are started and clearly marked to help in finishing. I've been toying with trying one sometime....

now, the above is just my interpretation, do not use it as legal advice. Here is some more information

Wow that was very interesting Mel, that gave me some ideas. I always heard that building kit weapons would surely have guys like Flea knocking at your door if not *kicking* :)wink: Flea) it down. Especially now with all of our "homeland security" and terrorism sensationalism.
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