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Firearms finishes

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I want to get my Sig P226 and Glock 26 re-finished. What are some durable finishes for sidearms? They get carried every day at work and take alot of abuse. A company with a fast turnaround would be good because I'll be off for about 3 weeks for vacation and would like to get it done during that time if possible.
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SIG has a "special" coating they apply to the AL-SO, was it? It's at least suppoed to protect against rust.

Why on earth you need a new finish on a Glock is beyond me. More durable finish is, as far as I know, impossible to get.
Gun-Kote is very durable, self lubricating
Teflon is also a good finish, also self lubricating
Bird-song is excellent, but not cheap or fast.
Always the standard parkerizing, blueing, etc.

Kamatz, In terms of the Glock, the slide is metal with a standard finish, I can see why a refinish job may be necessary at some point in a glock's life.

The Sig is the main problem. The finish is gone on the foward half of the slide and my dept. has no program to issue me a Sig to use while mine gets re-finished. I'd rather not wait 9 years til I retire to get it done.
Cant find a friend to let you borrow one of theirs while yours gets refinished, Shouldnt take more then a week.
Re-finishing a Glock...the thought is completely alien to me :shock: I mean, I scratched my issued G17 against rocks, rusty metal, keys, stainless steel...and it was always the other part coming out with scratches.

Oh well...
If I borrowed a friend's and (god forbid) had to use it, we'd both be fired from our dept.

How so?

Are these standard issue guns we are talking about, or personal weapons with the okay to use them?
I could see a glock looseing finish if it sat in a holster for a good long time and being drawn regularly
It's my standard sidearm issued by the dept. and it's against dept. rules to carry any gun except the one you qualified with.
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