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Which pistol will be more urban combat effective?

  • HK MK23 .45 ACP

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  • FN IOM Five-Seven Tactical

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FN IOM Five-Seven Tactical Pistol

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I wanted to hear what experiences anyone has had with these pistols as well as the 5.7 x 28mm round. I have heard that the Secret Service uses it due to its penetrating abilities. I was considering an HK USP tactical or the MK23. Then I came across FN's 5-7 pistol....
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The USSS agent that I used to know told me they carry the Sig 229 in 40 cal. but I have found out a few things she told me around that same time have turned out to be BS. There was a USSS agent at the range Saturday afternoon but I didn't pay any attention to his sidearm he was carrying.

I think they made that bullet to see if they could and the thoughts behind it are pretty good but I don't know how reliable that gun is....not the round the gun. When the FN P90's came out they had lots of problems....seems like they have the bugs worked out now though.

You got to ask yourself if a company the makes a mag fit in backside only to make the gun spin the bullet before shooting is being inovative or just trying to hard to be different.
Sorry to get off-topic but the magazine for the P90 is pretty inovative (once they fixed it). It puts more weight on the top of the weapon to help reduce muzzle climb if your using full auto, the round has good penatrating qualities as well.

I can't get to it now because Google is down, but there used to be a picture illustrating the different combat loads, one for an M16/M4, the other for the P90, while using the same number of overall magazines, you get more ammo to send downrange (duh).

However, the P90 was never meant to replace a service rifle, only those used by say, tanker and helicopter crews. Perhaps a police agency here and there as well.

As far as the FN five seven goes, I have no personal expirence with it, it is supposed to function really well, and seems to be pretty accurate. I've read it has good shock statistics. Also remember it is not limited to 7+1, 10+1 mags either. I've only seen one shoot once at my range, but I have always wanted to test one myself.
Mk23 has a 12rd mag... thats good for a .45 cal
but still nothing beats the 20 round mag on the 5.7mm
im not sure about the 5.7mm's ballistics
just have herd its got great armor penetration might be a problem
accuracy i have herd good things about the Mk23 havnt herd a thing about the 5.7 but ive wanted to learn more about this myself
On TV a few weeks back I saw the Greek Special forces training with P90's for Olympic security.

I would reckon that the 5.56X28 would overpenetrate at close Quaters with the current loadings, and rely on voulme of shots fired to bring the target down. Something the Germans encountered with thier Luger during WWII, thats why they highly regarded the .45. Im not sure if this is what you want for LE. Unless you know your up against a hardened target. I believe if you had to use the 5.56X28 Ballistic tip type ammunition would offer the greatest advantage in most LE circumstances.

Thats my $0.20 worth

Mulga :)
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