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FN Patrol Rifle vs 700P

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Any word on the FN Patrol Rifle, 24" barrel in 308? I saw one today here in Houston, has a rubberized hogue stock that was interesting, but know nothing about the rifle. Action looks just like a Win, but the guy selling it laughed when I said that.

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I know the new FN SRP has a new McMillian stock and they still base it off a Winchester action.
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Its funny that he laughed, because that is exactly what it is, a winchester action.

The patrol rifle isn't in my current queue of rifles to review. Remind me after I get the Patriot Arms and Tikka reviews up. (oh, and the Mauser review). I need to get a review on the new crop of FN rifles, as they continue to evolve (and get more expensive).

i found out that FN bought out PGM who makes those super acurate french rifles... the only slight problem is no one can afford them ($6000 price tag)
winchester actions are the same as the fn actions, fn owns winchester
Hey guys,
I had a patrol bolt rifle in my work months back. It has the hogue over molded stock, the winchester action, adjustable trigger, hammerforged match grade barrel, chrome lined, relapped and cryoed. I put a leup 6.5-20x50 LR on it with QRW's and a harris brm-s bipod and a BC rubber padded sling with shell holder. I sold it to a horse dentist the other day. He said that wanted a good long range rifle, with a good scope. I sold it for 1679.95$ with everything on it. I set it up as a package for the store.
sledneck827 said:
winchester actions are the same as the fn actions, fn owns winchester
Yes they do and they build the M70 at the same plant that they build the M16,M240,M249 and their pistols.
If the FN PBR is the same as the Winchester 70, what kind of action is the FN PBR..?? Long action or short action...???

I ask this because I'll like to adapt the CHOATE Ultimate Sniper Stock to the FN PBR, Is this possible...????

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