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Vectronix Vector 21 rangefinder with accessories. Everything in very good condition and works properly. Comes with tripod, night vision mount, data cable, bags, extra battery and storage box.

The Vector 21 by Vectronics is a durable, high quality, and easy to use rangefinder with a reputation that speaks for itself. The Vector 21 utilizes an integrated 3-dimentional, 360 degree digital compass and a precise laser rangefinder with a class 1 eye-safe rating. It can accurately depict distance measurements up to 12 km away and provides a high level of safety with a 1.550 laser that is completely invisible to image intensification devices. The dual 42mm objective lenses provide excellent light transmission for a clear picture, even when the level of illumination is low. Operation of the Vector 21 is as simple as could be, new users can quickly adapt to its two-button control system which reduces the training and retaining efforts.

Magnification: 7x
Range capability: 5 m to 12,000 m
Compass: Yes
Inclinometer: Yes
Weight:<1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs (with battery)
Dimensions:205 mm x 178 mm x 82 mm
8.1 in x 7.0 in x 3.2 in
Range:5 m to 12,000 m (5.5 yds – 13,123.36 yards)

Laser1550 nm Class I Eye-Safe per IEC 60825-1 Ed 1.2 (2001-08), ANSI Z 136.1 (2000)
Angle CompensationAzimuth accuracy (1σ) for inclination < 45°: +/-10 mil / +/- 0.6°
Maximum Inclination Angle: -30° to +90°
Inclination accuracy for inclination < 45°: +/-3 mil / +/-0.2°
Maximum bank angle: +/- 45°
Measuring Time0.4 s to 0.9 s
Repetition Rate: 12 per minute
Measurement UnitsDistance: Meter, Yard, Feet
Angle: mil, degree, gon
Beam Divergence0.4 x 0.7 mil
Battery Type6V lithium battery type 2CR5
5,000 Measurements, low battery indicator