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For you ruger haters Ruger M77 MkII VLE

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My dad invited me to try his new Ruger M77 MkII VLE in .223rem, I got a .3moa 3 shot group from a coldbore shot. The second group I got was a .47moa 3 shot group. Did I mention that I never shot this rifle before ? This was done off a harris swivel bipod, which it came with and was only $500 dollors on sale. This is clearly a 1/2 moa rife Any comments ?
oh yea this was done with hand load 55gr bullets that are not match grade, neither was the dies used to make the cartridge.

oh yea Ruger scope and ring system tends to move, be sure to check for that.
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thats good :)

today my friend was bitching about his Mk77 not being able to fire
i offered to take a look at it, i fully cleaned it and bang, fired
accuracy out of it was about 2.5 MOA... they are known for hit/miss accuracy but if yours is a shooter then you got a good rifle
yea, amazing what a little gun oil can do. Thats why you keep all your guns clean and that will do what you want them to do... to a point.
just a coment i thought i would make
well CLP gummed up the bolt too much
that stuff is a junk magnet

just a little bit of action cleaner and boom it fires
then thuroughly cleaned the barrel, rest of the gun etc
it just cant hit **** but it shot
is 2.5 MOA common for a Ruger Mk 77 w/ one of those paper thin sporter barrels? i suppose it still shoots minute of deer but nothing worth writing home about
my Remington 700P is around 1/4 MOA
Yeah, the ruger barrels have a reputation of either being great, or not good. 2.5 MOA is about industry standard for any thin barrel hunting rifle. The VLE rifles tend to be better than that, down around 1 MOA average.

Not a bad rifle, I like the triggers, but laminated stocks should be replaced with a good synthetic

heh funny i just had this debate over wood vs synthetic stocks
atleast Laminated wood is a step up from regular wood
wood stocks just arnt the best for tactical rifles
people will argue they look pritty and they have a good feel to them
agreed Savage stocks, my Ruger PC9's stock, some cheap M-16 type stocks have particularly bad feels to them
not that much of a fan of cheap plastic stocks but HS or McMillian are great and more survivable than wood
anyone ever use a Hogue overmold? That rubber looks like it feels better than what synthetic factory stocks feel like, and it would be nice to have some aluminum bedding, with a sporter sized barrel channel.
I have a hoque overmold on my scout rifle (Twede). Check it out in the gallery forum.

They are decent stocks, I like the feal of the rubber outter coating.... stock itself isn't quite as rigid as I would like. I used the one with the pillars, mine does not have the bedding block.

Thanks Mel!

That little Twede looks good

I like the style of the stock, and from the description it sounds like its better than what comes on a factory winchester synthetic hunting rifle. I'll have to find room for the stock on my wish list...big list right now lol.
Yeah, I know about wish lists. heck, my review list is getting pretty long too....

mele said:
Yeah, the ruger barrels have a reputation of either being great, or not good. 2.5 MOA is about industry standard for any thin barrel hunting rifle.
shot the Ruger again today as a request that i run some Fedreal gold medal .30-06 168 gr BTHP ammo through it
this didnt even help any

id rahter just get a heavy barreled rifle w/ a hunting action and use it for both long range target shooting and hunting it doesnt bother me one bit that my rifle is 4 lbs heavier w/ the barrel, scope, bi-pod
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