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This listing is for my Used UTM Universal Thermal Monocular from BAE Systems which has a 640X480 60 HTZ hybrid thermal mono-sight, dual-band pointing/aiming lasers and thermal sensitivity exceeding that of any rival system. With an operational runtime of more than five hours, it also eliminates the need to remember locations on the device for different functions while operating the system in darkness. It was recently used on a hog hunting trip some months ago and they are so much better for identifying game than NV. I can't get over how well they have performed, the zoom is also great. This is one of the few that are actually legal to own because it is NOT stolen military property. Because of its rarity and its condition that’s why it is priced fairly.

Asking $9100 Shipped

If you have any queries/questions please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Many thanks.


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