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Ghillie Suit Project

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Haven't seen much in the way of ghillie suits on here, so I thought I'd share my current project. :) This is my second suit that I have worked on, and is a design I came up with (original idea as far as I know anyway). It will function as both a crawling suit (no burlap/jute on the front), and a stalking suit (burlap on front and back) by attaching pieces of netting to the front. I'm still working on the design for attaching the netting to the front. Right now I'm going w/ buttons on the netting and the holes on the suit (to avoid snagging). The netting on the chest area will be in two pieces, so I can leave the left side bare for bow hunting. Don't want burlap getting caught in my bow :? !

Front view (still have to put on the canvas/rubber patches for durability):

Back view:

Back view prone (rifle is covered with BushRag's Gear Wrap):

Me(left) and my brother Ryan(right) together:
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Not bad.
If you search though, there are plenty of this about ghillies on here.

I would take Mels advice. Hes the man. :lol:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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