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Glasses and contacts

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Hey All,

For the past four years, I've worn contacts instead of glasses. Now I've switched back to glasses since I was losing contacts at work.

Anyway, its probably just because I wasn't used to them anymore but I find things different with the glasses. Things stand out a little more, and it is more noticable when I take them off than with removing contacts.

Is wearing one better than the other for shooting?
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I prefer glasses for the field work. Lose a contact while in the field... you are kind of up the creak. The other think I like glasses for is the eye protection. I bought a pair of glasses specifically for the field and shooting. Polycarbonite lenses with anti-glare/reflecting coating. I have been pleased with them.


What did you get? Ihave the Bolle Parole wiht 4 different polycarbonite lenses. The grey daylight are ok, but the Yellow rules the day in low light when high contrast is called for.

I don't hink mine are low or anti-glare though. :cry:

Actually, none of the "sport" or "shooting" glasses allowed for RX lenses (the Bolle Parole allows for an "insert" but not the actual lenses to be RX). So I found a good pair of standard frames and then had the good lenses put in. The inserts on these sport glasses are too small and you get the frame of the insert getting in your field of view and it especially causes me problems when in the prone looking through a scope. So, I have these nice big and ugly frames I used for my shooting/field glasses.

I got these for use when I am hunting or just shooting in general. You can get presription lenses for them as well. They aren't cheap. but they are very nice.

Having interchangeable lenses is very nice, but if you need them all to be prescription that will get pretty damn expensive. I had the presription filled by:

I also like the fact that you can use the headband instead of the arms. Very nice when using them in heavy brush areas where stuff is smackin' into you alot.

Now thats what I'm freaking talking about!! I like them!! I'll talk to my eye doc and see how he can help me...

From what I understand, Sun Ray optical uses a fairly high refractive index poly lens material. This enables them to put a larger range of prescriptions into alot of frames due to the reduced thickness needed for these lenses. I am not saying that Sun Ray is the only company out there doing this, I am sure that alot of the big companies upgraded long ago, but I know that the range of prescription that SunRay said they could put into the interchangeable cups for the wiley glasses is a bigger range than the one that WIley said would work in their glasses.

thanks forall the replies everyone...

Sweet glasses, JRP3!
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