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Goin to Benning

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ok thouse who dont know ill be goin to Ft. Benning for Infantry basic

ship out Feb 2
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Oh Hail, Oh Hail Oh Infantry!
Queen of battle follow me!

Congrats!!! It will be awesome! Heck, it really sucks most of the time, but its worth it when you are done!

im getting impatient now
last day of work before i leave tommarrow
Congrats Jeff, best of luck!
Hope it goes well, try to have some fun, and tell us all about it when you get back.
Months without Jeff is gonna be downright odd...who's gonna talk about AR's?

Just kiddin Bro...but it will be odd
forum be a lil quieter heh

i just want to get this over with
It's fun. And it will go by quick.

Good food too, except the eggs. I always ate the eggs but I never liked them. Oh yeah, CS day, they will surprise you at the end with a smoke grenade, we had a whole platoon run away into the woods.

Help your buddies as much you can. Don't touch the ladies(off or on post), dont let your buddies bring in contraband. And most important, make sure you get the right size boots!
we'll see if its fun or not
some parts will kick ass
hand to hand, repelling, marksmanship and PT are gonna be fun
what am i forgetting?
Jeff_850 said:
we'll see if its fun or not
some parts will kick ass
hand to hand, repelling, marksmanship and PT are gonna be fun
what am i forgetting?
FTX, M203, SAW, AT4, Obsticle course, bayonet training, infiltration course (the one where they shoot the M60's a few feet over your head), etc etc,

Okay, only about half those are fun, the other half is just an excuse to smoke you

yea i know they are gonna want to smoke me
too bad there isnt an AT-4 for everyone chances are i wont get it
if i go berserk think i can win a bronze star on the beyonet course? :)

at BTOC my drill sgts were trying to intimidate everyone by telling everyone they expected them to be able to do 100 pushups, 20 pullups, and run the mile in 6 minutes, i was trying not to laugh at them cause it woulda been EASY for me and i knew what the requirements were
well ok 1 of them was scary... he was about 6'6 maybe taller, atleast 275 lbs and mean lookin...
he also killed an Iraqi with his bare hands in the First Gulf War or atleast said he did...
anyways when we were doing PT the requirements were 17 pushups in 1 min, 20 some odd situps in 1 min and a mile in 7: 40 somethin?
all of it was EASY
afterwords they made me push and walked away... came back and was suprised i was still pushing and he was getting annoyed that i wouldnt stop
then he was like get up Engergizer Bunny dammit you keep going and going and going and he was pissed cause i could excced all of the PT crap that any of them could throw at me

just ill have 14 weeks of that crap this time

it was fun at times but most of that **** is more boring than anything else
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Until the last weeks of AIT, you dont really get a lot of downtime. So it goes by rather quick.

MOUT is by far one of the most fun expirences i had.

PT isn't a big deal. Regardless of how fast you run, how many pushups you can do... I don't care how physically fit you are...

Jedi PT will whoop your ass. If you get the 1 and only drill sgt. that does Jedi PT, be very, very scared. :)

Like I said before, get good boots, and it will be fine.
M203s? AT4's? SAW? M60's being fired overhead? Sounds like fun! :D Kinda things I always wanted to do... erm, except the pushups and whatnot.
chances are it wont kill me
so it'll make me stronger
Jedi PT is pure evil.

Darth Maul- GO! *does the darth maul*
Darth Vader Pushups- GO! *Does the vader*


Godspeed Jeff,

Don't do anything we wouldn't do, and if you do, take pictures! :)

We'll see you when you're done, and you can tell us the proper spelling of hu-ah!
may i ask exactly what is jedi pt?

Already told you every bit of advice I thought you would listen to on ICQ, so here ill just add - have fun. :D

Oh, and when you get issued boots, go and wear them in a hot shower/bath - the hot water softens the leather and helps break them in much faster. A bad blister can end the course for you. On my basic course I got one that covered my entire right heel - and tabbing after that wasn't fun!
thx for the advice everyone
ill be leavin for Ft. Hamilton in a few hours, from there i go to the airport, down to Ga and eventaully end up in Ft. Benning

for those who ive gotten adresses of ill try to write when i get some time... got a whole adress book of people i want to write heh

alright im out of here now, see ya in 4 months!!!
Good Luck bro...
Sounds funny but try and get some sleep before you get there.. :shock:
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