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Caspian just uploaded alot of inventory specials. The guy was putting it on their site when I called to ask some questions, that is why one of the items is now marked as SOLD!

I recommend checking it out if you are even thinking of building a 1911 soon. The prices are damn good. They have slides, pre-fit slide/receiver kits, receivers, etc. They have one Commander Damascus slide in stock as well (not listed on site), I didn't ask the price because it might have been too tempting.....

There is a specials button on their main page.

They also only charge $50 for a "gunsmith" slide to frame fit. ($25 bucks if you want them to do a production fit) Where they state that the have the "(C) logo only", that is their C with the wreath behind it, and they can remove it for $10. I will start a thread following this build once I get a little further along and will let you know how it all is going. (If there is any interest)

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