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Good Scope, Great Price

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I know there's a lot of scopes out there, and everyone has their own opinion. Well here's mine...
I shoot with the issued Leupold M3A (or a PVS-10 day/night sight) on my M-24 for the Army. But my personal favorite (in my price range) is the Bushnell Elite 3200, 10x fixed, w/mil-dot reticle and 1/4 MOA target turrets. It's clear, and rugged, with a titanium tube housing, and picked by Barrett to factory install on some of their .50 cal rifles.
I first came accross one when I bought my Barrett M-99 .50 cal rifle, and was impressed enough to have bought (2) others since. I one mounted on my Springfield Armory M1A at home, and the other one's sitting in my Sniper box here in Iraq as a backup should my issued M3A ever fail (supply's not the fastest about getting needed replacement parts).
There are better scopes on the market, but the Bushnell 3200 sells for roughly $200, and at that price it's the best I've found.
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You are right, for the money this is a very good scope. The tube is one piece aluminum, no titanium that I know of. This isn't a bad thing, its just not titanium.

The one bad thing I do NOT like about the scope is no provisions for a sun shade. There is plenty of adjustments (100MOA) which is remarkable for a 1" tube. Speaking of 1" tube, the M3A you have on your M24 is a 30mm, if you have the bushnell for backup, be sure you have 1" rings for it. If you do not, let us know, we'll get some sent out to you! (or, let the adopt a sniper guys know and you will get some).

Here is our review from SC on this scope

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