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Gun Kote

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Im interested in applying a protective coat to my stainless steel rifle. i came across the product Gun Kote at brownells. how hard is this to apply? is the sandblasting involved hard? can things be damaged? also can the trigger be coated and baked as well? and help with this would be awesome, and if anyof you have done it it would be great to see pictures.
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This is the finish product I use on the SC1's. It is extremely durable and works very well.

Sand blasting isn't that difficult, they recommend using aluminum oxide if you have to remove a finish from the metal, use beads if the metal is bare. If you mask off (or take other precautions) to protect the trigger internals, you should be okay blasting just the trigger itself, practice may be in order.

The hardest part is finding some sort of oven large enough to hold a barreled action. You have to bake the product at 300 degrees for an hour. Airbrush using thinned gun-kote liquid is preferred, using their aresol cans puts a "heavy" layer on.... it depends on the type of finish you are looking for.

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