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gun smithing schools

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well to start off with i am just starting my law enforcment carrier and coming to the rlization of how underpaid we realy are. not that i did not exspect it but needles to say i was suprised. also i have met very few officers who DONT have some kind of job on the side. so my question is this. does anyone know any good gunsmithing schools to attend. the plan being to gain have the gunsmithing stuff as kind of a side job.

thanks to all who post
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Look for gunsmiths in your area and ask them if they need any help. You might not get paid well (if at all) but it is cheaper then school. Some smiths will not want to take you on for fear that you will steal future bussiness. When you start you can see what books they they use....ect. But doing it is the real way to learn.
Practical learning beats the hell out of learning theories, although with Gunsmithing it's not all that much of an issue as you're working with something that's been defined a long, long time ago.

There are very few gunsmiths in Canada, I dunno about the US and other nations, I think only one of a hundred university grads come out with a Gunsmithing degree of some kind.
you need the schooling to own your own shop wouldnt you?

Chubs said:
you need the schooling to own your own shop wouldnt you?
I don't think so....but this might be different depending on what state you live in......I do think you would need a FFL though if anyone plans on leaving thier gun in your hands. If they stay while you do the work you would be fine though.
i think all you would need to own your own gunshop is a FFL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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