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gunsmithing costs

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how much does it cost to have a gunsmith do the following:
fire lapping the barrel
trueing the action
glass bedding the action
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Truing up the action should run no more than $125.00. Most of the popular "Tactical" companies charge more, I would use a good benchrest gunsmith, they are usually quite a bit cheaper. Speedy Gonzalez is the absolute best in the buiseness, His spokesperson is the incomparable Tony Boyer, Speedy has built more National Championship Guns than anybody, He charges $115.00 to blueprint the action. The bedding cost really depens on what you want done, If I remember correctly you have a 700 PSS right? If so you are probably wanting to skim bed over the aluminum bedding block, this should be between $75.00 and $125.00 max. You should request marine tex as the bedding compound. As far as fire lapping, I have never been a big fan of it, but you shouldn't pay to have someone shoot your rig. All it is, is using a compound coating on your bullets and firing them to lap the bore. You should leave it alone unless it needs it, Does the bore "choke down" in places?
I agree I am not a fan of fire lapping a bore. If break in is taking too long, you can hand lap the bore (which Remington did NOT do prior to selling it to you), or have it done.

Jeff - I thought your 700P was shooting sub 1/2 MOA groups? If this is true whay are you even talking about fire lapping the bore?
my Rem 700 P is shooting well below 1/2 moa :) and i dont think i need at turing, bedding or lapping job or any gunsmithing for that matter
i did not ask this because i had any intention of doing so with my Remington 700P or any rifle i currnetly own
im just wondering what they cost for futrue rifles... turst me im not done buying rifles though im just takin a lil break for now :)
thinking that my next rifle might be a custom one thats why im askin
so far the ONLY modification im considering on my 700P is a McMillian stock probably A4 but since the HS stock already on there is more than good enough im not so sure that modification will ever get done
good to hear. I was a bit concerned that you try to "tweak" a good shooting barrel, only to have it revolt and give you no better than 2-3 MOA for the rest of its life span.
right now im concerned that 4-5000 rounds from now when my barrel is warn that my replacement barrel wont be as good ;)
You should expect something like 7-9000 rounds out of a Remington heavy barrel before you need to replace it, especially if you continue to shoot quality ammunition from it. That and a cleaning routine that removes the copper fouling instead of just the powder residue. Just my 2 cents.
well thats even better then
For the M24, the expected barrel life is 5000 rounds, but you only replace them when the groups open up (they are sent in to remington for barrel replacement). The average barrel life has been over 8000 rounds, some even closer to 12,000 :shock:

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