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H&K Mk23 .45

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Has anyone shot this gun? Looks extremely impressive. Opinions??
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Best side arm

I have been reading this forum and I have to say it. I have been a die hard 1911 .45 auto man for over thirty years. And I have to tell you all, GLOCK IS THE BEST FIELD SIDEARM IN THE WORLD, BAR NONE!
Any disagreements? Lets here them, I will take it a point at a time. :!:
First off, let me say that I do not have a .45 of any type any longer. I just saw no need for it any more. In my opinion the .45 GAP is a gimmick.
If you have ever fired there model 35,[ there single stack .45 ACP ] it is a very hard recoil and a whole lot of people did not like it at all, including me. They just down loaded it a little to help tame it. The .40 cal is nothing more than a down sized 10mm. The .380 is a down sized 9mm. And the .45 GAP is a down sized .45 ACP. I carry a model 19 and I love it! A 15 round mag, with one in the chamber 16. A large caliber pistol has a lot of merit. But I would rather be very good with a pistol I can completely control, and hit what I am aiming at. A heavy cal pistol will always have it's place. But I would rather carry a large capacity side arm. I hope this answers your question.
It is either the model 35 or 36, I can't remember. Sorry
Jake: Your thoughts on not needing any more than seven or eight rounds areon the verge of being show off. I don't mean that as a slam, I mean that as a caution only. Let me give you an example:

It is 1 AM and you are on your way home from where ever. You stop to get gas or a coffee at the nearest stop and rob. You have just walked into a full blown armed robbery by 4 very nasty perp's and ALL of them are armed! With 8 rounds in your pistol you are down to 2 rounds apiece. ARE YOU THAT GOOD???? :shock:

1. I don't care if you are the type that can shoot one jagged hole a 25 yd's. When the crap hits the fan, your fine little group that you shoot under the pressure of time on the range is going to spread out like a shot gun!
2. When you only have 8 rounds, you are stting yourself up to have to do a full speed reload without cover. Ever try a full speed reload under pressure?
3. The more rounds you have in your pistol, the more time you have to get to cover.
So, you may want to rethink what you have in your head as gospel. Just some thing to think on for awhile.
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Thanks: What about you Jake? Please answer me so I know you did not take my suggestion wrong.
:shock: I have had both H&K's and Glocks. Both make a fine reliable pistol. But every time that something happened to one of my H&K's, I got just about NO help at all from H&K. It seemed to me that if I was a gov. agency with an armory full of their MP5's, and Benelli's, THEN I would get the service I needed from them. Glock was never like that with me. AND GLOCK WAS A HELL OF ALOT CHEAPER!! So, I for one will stay with the combat tupperware.

Jake S: Iunderstand what you are trying to say. But my whole point to you was: "Plan for the worst case senario, if anything else happens, you will be prepared for it."
Plan for 4 or 5, if it's only 1 or 2, shame on them!
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