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H-S Precision rings and bases

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I'm thinking about buying a new rifle soon, and I have a couple of simple questions.

I've found a gentleman who has the rifle I think I want: a brand-new Remington SS 5R "milspec" rifle, which has been commented about elsewhere on these boards.

Heres the question part: I plan to mount a Leupold 3-9x40mm PR scope (the new version of the old Veri-X II Tactical) using H-S Precision teflon coated stainless rings and bases and covered with butler creek flip-open lens covers. Of course H-S offers several different height and width rings (that scope is 1 inch not 30mm I think). I need to know a couple things:
1) Which height rings should I get for this scope?
2) Are there any other companies making precision-rifle quality ONE-PIECE stainless mounts? (H-S mounts are two piece) Likewise with stainless rings?
3) Does anyone have any experience/comments/opinion with the H-S mounts and rings, especially mounting them on a Remington 700 instead of a Pro-Series 2000?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, the 3-9x PR is indeed a 1" tube.

I believe you want the "low rings" with the 40mm tube, but HS will be able to answer that for sure (each manufacturer has slightly different hieghts for their low, medium and high rings).

For quality 1 piece bases
Leupold Mk4

There are some others out there also, but those are off the top of my head

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