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Have you seen PGWDTI's Coyote rifle?

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I was checking into 50cal rifles when i found Prarie Gun Works web site. They're a company based in Manitoba Canada who makes custom guns and have also got an action of their own design. The Canadian millitary has been testing some of their rifles along with a few others ( PGM Mini-Hecate,SIG Blazer LRS2,Accuracy International and Sako TRG41) to replace the aging C3A1 rifle. PGWDTI coyote rifle comes with an asortment of Mcmillan stocks, and the action can also be made from titanium. These are really cool rifles, another company i also checked out is RPA precision enginering; these rifles are made in England and have a 4 lug bolt,graphite stocks and one shot a 10 shot group of 3.5" @ 1000yards. Thought somebody might want to Know about these companys.
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Yep. Saw them awhile ago. They are merely just another set of bolt action rifles; They've got their ups and downs, but they are really no better or worse than anything out on the market.
Thanx agian CM2K. I was excited to find the PGWDTI site because I live in Canada and I wouldn't have to worry about the shipping of a custom action across the boarder.
Custom actions shouldn't be THAT hard to find. Hell, I live 30 minutes, on bike, from a Gunsmith who can put together custom actions.

You are probably right about the gunsmith building a custom action, there is a place in Calgary called Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply and I have talked to him already; I was just trying to see if I could get the parts for cheaper and then have him assemble the gun.
PGW Coyote and Timberwolf actions are top quality. The Timberwolf is designed from the ground up as an action for a SWS. These work great for 338 Lapuas. The Coyote is thesame, but is for the short action loadings.
They have integral pictatinny rails on top so no bases needed.

The machining is great and tolerances held to a proper level.
No need to true one of these when building on one!

They are not your typical custom action like Nesika. Nesike, while a super action for target shooting, is weak when it comes to a real deal SWS. Tolerances between moving parts are too tight and dirt will stop them from working.

Custom actions are easy to find, especiall with all the BR shooters out there using stuff like Pandas and Vipers, but they will not work for a real deal SWS.
Making an action is a long procsess that includes prototypes and many, many hours planning and machine time and set up, trial and error to get the bugs worked out. It isnt as easy as throwing some steel in a lathe and mill and knocking one out whenever you feel like unless you have done all the things above and have some 100K+ CNC nachining centers with all the fixtures made for said action.
That is why custom actions cost so much because the makers ahve to sell a large number of then at a high price just to get the investment back.
Now some guys aleady own a CNC machining shop, that is what they do for a living. I know an action makers that fits that bill. He however still has to dedicate a machine for programing, fixture making and trial and error for an action, while taking the machine away from whatever industrial parts it usually runs.

Bottom line is for a quality action it is not simple to do.

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