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I have returned back to rifle shooting after a 30 year break. When I was in the Marines I was company high shooter for 7 years straight, even got an invite to tryout for the Marine Corps Rifle team. Didnt make it, but was a blast.

Anyways, within 2 weeks of getting an M1A rifle I was shooting NRA mid range and service rifle comps this past summer.

On of the guys at the range suggested i get a 22 to work on fundamentals in the off season. So in my search I stumbled across PRS, NRL, and the NRL22. Now this looks like a serious kick in the butt. I have competed at the national level with Barebow/Traditional archery thr past 15 years and prefer field shooting to target shooting. This PRS/NRL fits right in with what I like to do, every position, something different.

I have never shot with a scope before, so i am thinking about getting my feet wet in this style of shooting with the NRL22.

I have been looking at the Ruger Precision Rimfire with a Vortex Diamondback 4-16x44 scope to start learning the basics of this new world. You guys think this is a good place to start? Any recomendations?

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