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High Country scope?

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Hello everyone, I have Remington model 700 30-06 that was passed down to me. This was obviously used as a hunting rifle and I harvested my first white tail with this rifle when I was a teenager. This rifle was used out east in WV where most hunting shots are 50 yards or shorter. I now live out west and haven’t hunted in a long time. I am going hunting this year for mule deer and elk. I am trying to figure some info on this scope. I tried to google it but couldn’t find much of anything on this brand. Looks like it was made by Tasco since there is an inspection sticker from them. Does anyone know about these scopes and is it even worth using out west? With the age of this scope I am thinking I might be better off with even a lower end scope that’s more modern. Anyways here are some pictures and looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks
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