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History Channel

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just wondering if anyone was watching the sniper shows on the history channel. had alot of great info. even went into my hero Carlos hathcock and vasilie Zaitsev and the woman sniper that i cant pronounce that got 309 kills. then it went into modern day sniping and weapons. and then finally went into modern law enforcement snipers. if you missed it they are selling the whole series on the history channel website at ... &subcatid=[/url]
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Yeah, that reminds of the episode that the history channel did about Carlos Hathcock about 5 years ago (suicide missions, I think it was called). Anyway, they said he had 99 confirmed. I had countless numbers of emails from people yelling at me because my number (93) was wrong on the site.... yeah, its the History Channel, but that doesn't mean they are always right.

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