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HK M4 cutaway

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Like just about everyone else on the planet, I have taken an intrest in the new Heckler and Koch M4. I am really interested in finding out how the gas sytem works. Does anyone know where or if there is a cutaway or exploded view of the rifle?
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You mean the Xm8 or the M4 shotgun?
I'm talking about the new H&K M4 carbine. It was first unveiled at the SHOT show in Las Vegas. It has a brand new gas system which does not introduce gunk back into the reciever.

Oh......ok....I was looking for info but found very little on the Hk forums.... bassically looks just like a regular m4 except it pushes the gunk under the handgrips rather then back into the reciver..... I was wondering when someone was going to fix that design flaw.

Yes I know the M4 can be very reliable if it is well taken care of....but oil dust....sand....dirt...(all field related) on top of regular build up can play havoc on it.
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