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HKs New Pistol..

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What yall think about the HK UCP? its a lil long but how would the 4.6mm rnd hold up in a firefight?
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Max338 said:
What yall think about the HK UCP? its a lil long but how would the 4.6mm rnd hold up in a firefight?
i think that a bullet diameter of 4.6mm is a bit too small for dangerous game that shoots back but i could be wrong
still woudlnt want to get hit by one
Supposedly, the 4.6x30 is a "very good AP" round. But I wouldn't feel very comfortable poking people with needles in a situation where my life might be on the line. Sure, it might tumble and stuff...but it's still no .45 :?

I mean, the reports on the 5.7x28 are mixed. And being a bit of a negative nancy, I don't feel like believing the positive reports without having tested it myself. And until proven effective, the 4.6x30 is another poof-calibre to me :mrgreen:

If I had a choice of weapons, I would let a pistol go poke it, and take two extra AR mags instead, however I would rather take a 4.6mm weapon over any other pistol wise, 5.7mm being my second choice.

With a hand gun in a battle situation you are not going to be hitting anything past 10m's, what with all the adrenalin going and the confusion; the 4.6mm round is as controlable as you can get, and therefore easy to use and shoot follow up shots with.

Also, it may be narrow, but it is long, and if it yaws quickly it will do far more tearing and slicing than a .45.
I don't know Yimmy. In a combat situation I would rather have a .45 ACP over a 4.6mm If you are a soldier training to go to war, you better be proficitent with the weapon you are using, be it with a .45 or 4.6mm. If I as trying to takedowm someone within 10m I would rather have a .45 to put the guy down before he could do anything. And I belive that a 4.6mm wouldn't be as effective as a .45 hitting someone.

While I do think there is a place for AP pistols, I really don't think they are that great for the everyday soldier. A soldier fighting in Iraq or Afganistan aren't going to find many terrorist with body armor within 10 meters of them. But if we were fighting a modern army the 4.6mm might have a good place with the right personel.

P.S. I really don't know about the terrorist and them using body armor, I just assume that they don't wear much armor knowing how much they cost.
the 4.6mm bullet is not too long, the 5.7 is though. both are apperently superb AP rounds (for a pistol) and they have quite a bit of energy behind them.... my fear is it might go through both sides b4 theres the chance to do damage
terrorists could use body armor
the majority of them probably dont
9mm or .45 would be a better choice i think
it will reliably stop 99.9% of the terrorists in iraq or afghanistan then
the 4.6mm will less reliably stop 99.9% of the terrorists and reliably more reliably stop 0.1%
doesnt a 9mm AP bullet out preform it in penetration anyway? also probalby stoping power?
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