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Horus Vision

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Hi thats my frist time to post here , :oops:

and i do think its a great site with good info :idea: ..

and as for the frist thing i wanna aske if some one could help me with this scope , if its good or not and if its worth to buy :?: ......

and if its not good , which do you think is the best one with in 1500-2000$, i don't have alot of money to buy more than that , i still need to get a new rifle...

BTW i am a new shooter and i am getting my very own SVD soon 8) , and i think after that i would like to get a Bolt-action which i think better than the SVD , i like the SVD but i do think that and Boltactio rifle could do better....

Next month i am going to my army uint and i am joining TF-777 ( not from the US ) ...
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Personally, I've never been sold on the system. Yes, it does work, but there is way too much stuff in the viewing picture of the scope to confuse and even distort the target you are looking at. I prefer mil-dots, and if you want simplicity and you know the metric system very well, then here is the mil-dot formula to use:

How many centimeters does a single mil cover on the target?
add a zero and that is the range in meters to the target.

The mil relation formula is dang easy if you use the metric system, its when you use english units of measure that it gets complicated.


Yes, I do build my own rifles

The 7.62x54R is an interesting question. I've never done it, and I know I chamber my barrels in it, the question comes with the rimmed case fitting/feeding in the remington bolts/extractors. If that is possible, then it will not be a problem.

Unfortunately, I think its more hassle then its worth. The case head diameter is weird which can be an extraction problem, and the rimmed cases will not function correctly in a remington magazine as far as I know.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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