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Houston smiths'

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I am looking for a competant Remington gunsmith in the Houston area to do a little trigger tweaking on a new PSS , any suggestions?

Jeffvn or sub may be able to help with this, Gentlemen?

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Topo, I took my sendero and BDL to Briley. Had trigger work and muzzle brakes put on. Took 3 weeks longer than promised but they did a great job. I asked to set the triggers at 3 pounds. My 25-06 BDL is 2 pounds 9 ounces and my 300 RUM sendero is 2 pounds 5 ounces. They are the only ones I have had any dealings with here in Houston. Hope this helps.

You from the Houston area also?
My Remington trigger work was done by a guy at Bailey's House of Guns south of Beltway 8 just east of 288 (small 100 yard range with 25 yard pistol and shotgun area). He did a good job, and literally did it while I stood there chatting up his boss - drooling over a 700 PSS in 300 RUM.

I have had bad results with Briley, as have others (including Badshot) and will not go back or send anyone to them for work (details if you want). They are probably competent to do Remington trigger work, but they can be REALLY haphazard about the quality of some of their work.

There is a guy (I have not had any work done by him) Clifton Rue - just moved and got a new phone number. That is some kind of bechrest shooting stud - his picture hangs in t he office at American Shooting Centers. Anyway he builds gorgeous rifles that flat shoot - I've seen them shoot at American Shooting, but never pulled the trigger on one. He does trigger work too.

My most recent trigger work was really simple - install a Jewel trigger with safety. SWEET!!!!
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I send all of my smithing work to an old buddy of mine in Fayetteville. Keeps him less bored (takes care of the kids since he retired).
I heard a while back Baileys closed down.

a 700 pss in 300 RUM :shock:

how much did they want for it :lol:

I won't be going back to Briley either. i think if I need any more smith work done I'll either go to Wharton to Carrolls (been dealing with them for many years) or to KDF in Seguin if I want a day to just get out of Houston and see something besides smog. There was a smith that was recommended to me by the guy teaching the CHL class I took. I'll look later tonight when I get home. I dont know anything about the guy but he was highly recommended by the guy in the class.

Good to see there is another Houston shooter among us.
I wouldn't be surpised if Bailey's shut down - I have not been there for at lest 6 months - Bernard had been threatening to do so for a few years now. Said he couldn't make any $$ off of once of twice a year hunting tune ups on hunting rifles. His prices for services and product were ok, but with only a 100 yard range he was really limited.
this was probably 10 years ago that i heard he shut down. you said he is east of the beltway? that would put him inside? It's probably been 14-15 years since I went in there. I went into Collectors Firearms Last Saturday after seeing you at the range. That friend of mine that I was waiting for was looking for some really high dollar shotgun and we went shopping. I thought it was kinda funny when the guys at ASC handed me a shotgun worth $8000. For that kind of money you would think it would do the dishes also.

We all need to get together at the range some time.
Hey, if anyone is from Houston or anywhere near there I would highly recommend Hill Country Rifle (in New Braunfels web page is, I know one of the founders and my gunsmith works there. They do a VERY good job, I highly recommend them. Just if anyone wanted an alternative to a Houston gunsmith.
Jeffvn said:
Anyway he builds gorgeous rifles that flat shoot
What's flat shooting?

Scatch Maroo

Thanks again for that info. I was trying to remember it earlier and didn't have the info.
shooting flat is referring to the bullet drop. generally a really high powered (or over powered ) round will shoot much flatter that is wont drop as much as the other one.
In the context that Jeff meant he was saying that the rifles will flat shoot he is meaning that they shoot really good.

Must be a Texas thing. I understood it.
Sorry for the Texasism "Flat Shoot" means shoot like crazy. In other words REALLY tiny groups from really long range.

Clifton's rifles have his signature/name stamped ont them like nearly all of the custom builders - the only difference is that Clifton's are cursive.
Hey, thanks guys. I've been away from the forum a few days.

Bailiey's must still be open, I played cards with a couple duck hunting buddies this evening and thay were just there this past Thursday shooting clays.

Briley issues? I have a shotgun there now getting a little work done, for my sake I hope their issues are only with centerfire.......was thinking about the PSS trigger work there. I think I will hold off on that one for now (PM me when you get a chance about your issues with them, I have just assumed they would be the gurus for smoothbore and didn't think twice about it).

Jeffvn, I LIVE just south of 8 and east of 288 and have never even heard a gunshot (except the rare shotgun in dove season) the 4 years I have been there. I'm really curious where this place is!

I have thought about a couple of the better known companies west of Houston, but if local talent was available that would work better for me.

badshot, I do live south of Houston in Pearland. Sounds like we have a few shooters here local, ought to meet at the range some time.
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That sounds good to me. Jeff and I both shoot at American Shooting Centers just about every weekend. I was supposed to go this morning but didnt get to make it. I should be getting nasty-gram from Jeff later this afternoon since he was going out this morning to shoot and I wasnt there. I got myself in the doghouse last weekend and didn't want to do it again this weekend. Isn't this next weekend a long weekend? We should try to plan something for then.

My only issue was 3 weeks longer that originally promised and not calling me to say "hey, we are having to have muzzle brakes made and it will take a couple weeks longer". Other than that they did a superb job and top notch craftsmanship.
Topo-Sniper - they have two ranges one called the Juilf Range:

Bayou Rifles, Inc. Juliff, 1803 County Road 57, Houston, TX 77583
They shoot benchrest, pistol and this is where the big range 1,000 yard rifle is going in as we speak. It is West of 288 as you go south from Beltway 8 sout of Houston.

The other is the Addicks range out near American Shooting - combast range for pistol.

Am sending a PM about Briley.

Hey Jeff,

Haven't seen you at ASC in a while. I was out of the country for a while. I tried to keep up with the forum but Net access in other countries can be like us having stable weather conditions....doesn't happen often.

Anyways, can't wait to see BRC's new 1k range. :D Have you heard anything else about it? I've been gone for a while and haven't even seen ASC for a while now. Maybe we'll see you and Badshot at ASC sometime. Actually....I don't think I've met Badshot :lol:
SpEcTeR - good to hear from you again. I notice you dropped off the face of the earth, but figured either work or a female was to blame.

The long rifle range was closed all weekend, which crushed my load development project for this weekend.

I'm going to be there at least one day this coming weekend for rifle (during my normal times 7:30ish to 11:30ish to avoid the mirage and strongest winds). Come down and say hey - depending upon the day I might have lured Badshot down to the long range so he can let his 300 RUM run a bit.
I am planning to spend alot of time out at ASC over the holiday weekend. I have all those H1000 loads built up and ready to go. Maybe if one of those works well I will be ready to build up couple boxes and then be able to shoot my 4 shots every 30 minutes. I would say that my gizmo worked a little also. I had one load perform half way decent and i think no I can play with the location of it and tune the loads in and get better accuracy. if anything it didnt hurt accuracy and it reduced felt recoil. And thats very important on my RUM, even with the muzzle brake it still lets you know you pulled the trigger.

Ya'll wanna try to set up a day this next weekend and see if we can go ahead and get Topo out also?
Sure - I'm on for Saturday or Sunday early am til about noon (or both). Monday is a bit problematic for me because of some family obligations.

I'm testing the rest of my 175 SMK loads this week, and should have the best ones reloaded and ready to roll for retesting this weekend. I always shoot them twice to verfiy that I did it right or screwed it up the first time around (with plenty of barrel life in this Broughton, I can afford it and I can also use the extra trigger time).

Jered of Patriot Arms gave me some grief about my 6 shot group, saying that I need some trigger time to smooth out that jerky finger I've been using. I told him if that POS rifle he built was worth a darn I would have had a single ragged hole from 300 yards out. :lol:

Speaking of Patriot Arms rifles .... Mel??????? (was that subtle or what) :D
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