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how pricing is possible and not a waste of time for kieslers

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Okay guys here it is cause I want you to know that this is very feasible, and that I am not blowin smoke up your a$$! I am getting the cost from all the places that I need to for the things that we need. Most of this I get faxed to me, and some I have so search to get the best prices possible for you guys. I then can price it cheaper cause I am not having to sell you on what to buy. You are a smart bunch of guys, and know what you want to buy! At work I have to talk with the customers about the product and sometimes it takes 10 minutes and sometimes it takes 2 hours. I am on the clock the entire time I am doing this, and costing the company money while I am talking to the customer. Sometimes I sell something, sometimes not, but either way I am on the clock. I am getting the cost sheets, and taking them home and figuring pricing on my own time. I usually don't crawl into bed until after midnight! Anyways some of this stuff I have in stock and some I will have to order. When a gun comes in it has to be invoiced in, brought to the front, wiped down, fill out the item tag, print barcode and figure pricing, and wipe it down. The entire time there is a employee costing the company money to do these things. I am just ordering and shipping, so that saves kiesler money, cause I am not talking to a customer on the clock and I don't have to put the item out, and go through the steps to price it for the retail floor. The cost of employees doing this work is in the price. I eliminated that cost, and still figured the price better for you guys. That is how this is possible!!! If you have any questions, let me know, and I am only doing this cause I love you guys and mel is a hell of a guy!!! hope this helps you understand how its possible!! Sniperdog out
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Re: how pricing is possible and not a waste of time for kies

Because it is my responsibility as the officer in charge of literacy amongst these forums (I am a Grammar Nazi, and am entitled to assume any literary position I deem necessary--it all goes with the territory of fascism), I recommend that you, in the future, propose your business plans in easy-to-read formatted essays, and not giant blocks.

Please do not feel that I am picking on you, as I am a rather obnoxious critic of *everyone* on this board when it comes to this sort of thing... but a well-written and easily readable post is much more appealing and professional, and I am merely offering some friendly advice as a member of your targeted demographic.

Scatch Maroo
Sorry scatch, I was just typing as I was thinking. I will try and type my next post better! Thanks for the advice! It is about 11:30 here and I am half sick, half asleep and just finished a small part of the price list!

Did the post make sense to you though? I mean so you thinkk the guys will see how mel and I have made this possible buy our efforts outside of work? Please let me know if any part was confusing. Thanks sniperdog
I was able to get the gist. Scatch takes his job as "Literary Dictator" very seriously, but he is only doing his job. Nothing personal. He appointed himself, as dictators often will, but we still must tow the line lol.

Makes sense to me now, how this operation is worthwile and effective. Thanks for the info dude, because seriously I was wondering.
Scatch is just hilarious! :lol: Can't wait to see what he pulls with his 50, if he makes it out there with the "you know who" from "you know where" basically "not here" finds out about it.
When a man with a Barrett 50 says "learn to spell" ya got two options: Hit the books or hit the deck
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