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How to work up a load that is not in the manual?

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Hey Fellas, I'm new to reloading and I have a question. I have been reloading Hornady 22/250 50 grain Vmax bullets using the powders that are in the Hornady book. My friend has some Hodgdon Superformance powder and he was telling me he is going to work up a few rounds using this powder. This powder is not on the list of powders that in in the book. It scares the heck out of me and if it is not in the manual I won't try it. How do you go about working up a load that is not on the list of powders that are in the book? Thanks guys.
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There are many reloading manuals available. Find a manual for similar if not identical bullet style/weight and you can broaden your horizons. Outside of manuals there are programs like QUICKLOAD that allow you to input various components and see what happens in terms of pressures. I find that very useful in times of stress on the market with limited options.
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