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are long range shots ethical?

  • Yes, its a judgement call- shooter's skill, correct load, correct rifle, right conditions

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  • No, under no circumstances

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hunting ethics

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hey i would like to know all of your opinions on the ethics of long ranged shots
some hunters were giving me a hard time about some 600m yotes that i had gotten
they were all quick kills and i didnt take a shot unless i knew i could hit the target and kill it instantly
a modern tactical rifle in .308 with the right shooter in the right conditions i know i can take a yote 600m and way byond
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yea just cause they cant take the shots doesnt mean that other people cant
i know what ranges i can and can not shoot at
i saw a perfect opportunity at > 800m to take a shot and have done so though the more recent ones were 550-600m, and ive held fire at 100m because i didnt have a good shot
yea i dont see the differnce between store bought and hunting meat (deer)... no if your wondering i DONT eat the coyotes i kill since this was what the post was origionally aobut
i didnt expect a philosiphical debate on religion and morals only hunting ethics
animals have rights or no rights doesnt matter bottom line is if you can avoid suffering do so... clean kill means better meat and you will need 1 shot so its more efficient in addition you will also be more humain twards the animal and why not do that when its helping you?

deer can be justified for food and over-population so i dont see anything wrong with those who take more than they can eat either
ever almost hit them??? those damn morons see you and then decide to dart out in the middle of the road
every day i see a road kill deers

coyotes cause plenty of problems and here are way over populated
they kill small pets and have even attacked small kids
philosiphy central now eh?
ill have to come to you guys for my philosiphy paper

i think that if you do have to kill something it would be better to do it in a humane way
i think that animals do have rights but all of the ones we have
one of those is to not be treaded inhumainly for no reason
Muzzleblast said:
I think the people who scolded Jeff are just poor shots, or don't know enough about him and long range shooting/ballistics to know what he does is ethical
well i know that they havnt shot over 200y and, most of thier shooting is 100y- sight in
they might know what thier rifle does at 300 but i dont believe theyt have done it
since they use conventional hunting rifles and not tactical rifles and are hunters not target shooters i would consider them your average hunters, able to hit the kill zone at the distances they hunt at
they have no experience with heavy barreled 'hunting' rifles that arnt in varmint calibers hell they even bitch about the weight for me... there only about 5-6 lbs heavier its 1 damn item, they complain for me about the recoil of a .308 and what little target they do is w/ a .22 LR
they might not feel comforable taking shots at that range but i dont see anything wrong with it if you exercise good judgement
i fail to get instant kill far less often than they do at thier close ranges
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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